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Comporta, a seaside retreat on the Alentejo coast, enchants with its unspoilt beaches and lush nature. This discreet luxury destination attracts visitors in search of tranquillity and elegance. At C1 Broker, we specialise in insurance mediation services in Comporta, providing dedicated service to high-value private clients. We have in-depth knowledge of the region, including Melides, Grândola and Setúbal, ensuring expertise in dealing with local repair companies and experts. In the event of a claim, we are committed to offering a professional and effective service, ensuring full protection for those who choose to enjoy the wonders of Comporta.

Home Insurance Comporta

If you have already invested or are considering investing in a property in Comporta, such as a house by the sea or a farm in the countryside, C1 Broker is the ideal partner to secure your investment. We offer specialised insurance brokerage services, guaranteeing comprehensive protection for your property, allowing you to enjoy your investment with peace of mind and security. You can count on our expertise in

- Beach House Insurance in Comporta

- Insurance for Luxury Villas in Comporta

- Insurance for farms in Comporta

- Insurance for Villas in Comporta in Condominiums

- Insurance for Houses with Art and Private Collections in Comporta

- Comporta Local Accommodation Insurance


C1 Broker, an international insurance broker with over 26 years’ experience in home and lifestyle insurance for expatriates and foreign residents in Portugal and Spain. We specialise in home insurance for luxury villas in and around Comporta. As a fully licensed insurance broker, C1 Broker’s mission is to find the best multi-risk insurance solutions for your home in Portugal. Every year, we study hundreds of policies and compare products from the best insurance companies in Portugal to find out exactly which solution is right for you.

We specialise in insurance for expats and other foreign residents in Comporta. Our portfolio of home insurance products ranges from basic cover to the most comprehensive: all risks, art, jewellery, high-value contents, civil liability of several million euros. Is your property in Comporta being used as a holiday home? We can insure it!

Ask us for a free study of your policy! We’re sure we’ll find the right home insurance for you, with an excellent price, the best cover and a high-quality after-sales and claims management service.

Property Insurance in Comporta: We have home insurance with the right guarantees for your type of home or the use you make of it.

C1 Broker offers you various options and products to protect your holiday home, villa or luxury flat in Comporta or nearby.

All our home insurance plans include essential guarantees such as: Civil Liability, Water Damage, Home Assistance, Legal Protection and Cleaning of Pipes and Gutters.

On request, our insurance protection plans include cover such as: Electrical Risks, Pest Control, Private Civil Liability, Theft or Robbery, Online Medical, Repair or Replacement of Domestic Appliances.

For Luxury Villas Insurance in Comporta, we suggest a multi-risk home insurance policy with a more comprehensive protection plan. These include all the covers mentioned above, and even more comprehensive guarantees (such as gardens, art, jewellery) and higher capitals.
All the insurance companies operating in Portugal offer different cover plans, from the most basic to the most comprehensive, with different levels of cover, limits and general deductibles for certain types of loss. We work with the best insurance companies and study each product to ensure that we have found the right solution for your property.

It’s certainly not easy to navigate through such a diverse sea of offers and choose the right insurance for your house, villa or flat in Comporta. At C1 Broker, we study hundreds of policies and multi-risk products to always offer you the best cover. Ask us now for your free, no-obligation quote!

Property and home insurance in Comporta: Love your home? Protect it with insurance!

We can offer you complete and flexible solutions for your Comporta Residence,  home and contents insurance in Comporta, whether it’s your primary, secondary or holiday home. Whether you want an offer with basic guarantees or a multi-risk home insurance policy with comprehensive cover, C1 Broker has the right insurance for you. We offer competitive prices, dedicated service and the quality of the best insurers operating in Portugal.

We compare, study and research for you. We’ll help you in the event of a claim.

C1 Broker ®, Insurance Broker, works with a selection of the best insurance companies in Portugal and Spain:

Special insurance for villas & luxury flats | Comporta Art Insurance

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Luxury Villas Insurance in Comporta

Villas and properties worth more than one million euros need specialised insurance. C1 Broker offers insurance for luxury villas in and around Comporta.

Insurance for Luxury Properties in Comporta.

Exclusive villas with a reconstruction value of more than 750,000 euros or a house contents value of more than 150,000 euros require special home insurance with higher capitals and flexible cover to meet the needs of a client with top quality assets and lifestyle.

Houses worth more than one million euros require special insurance solutions. C1 Broker offers insurance for luxury villas in the Centre of Portugal, with:

– Special cover with limits suitable for valuable properties;

– Cover for objects of special value, jewellery, paintings and works of art

– Cover for gardens, outdoor furniture, swimming pools, walls and fences

Third Party Liability Capital

– Possibility of setting high capital amounts on buildings and contents

All risks” cover

Art Insurance - Comporta

Insure Your Art, Paintings and Private Collections

If you need insurance for your private collection of paintings and art in Comporta, C1 Broker is the ideal partner as a broker specialising in insurance products and needs for clients in the premium segment.

We provide insurance for art and antiques from private collections in Portugal.

We represent insurance products specialising in art from international insurance companies with guaranteed credibility and which respond quickly and easily in the event of a claim.

Certain pieces such as pianos, paintings or sculptures, among others, have an incalculable value, which makes them difficult to insure with normal policies.

C1 Broker understands the complexity of insuring private art collections.

We offer 26 years of international experience dedicated to the insurance sector for high net worth private clients.

Our solutions for insuring works of art and private collections in Portugal include various configurable covers, as well as comprehensive all-risk insurance solutions.

C1 Broker Comporta - Art Insurance comporta - house content comporta - luxurry villas in comporta


When you choose Comporta’s quality of life, you’re close to paradise on earth. Long walks on the beach and a slow lifestyle are effective remedies against stress. To ensure a healthy life for many years to come, investing in health insurance is crucial. C1 Broker stands out as a specialist in health insurance in Comporta, offering personalised advice. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to guide you in choosing the private medical insurance that best suits your lifestyle, providing access to the best hospitals and private clinics.

Why you should trust your luxury villa insurance to an Insurance Broker

C1 Broker works for you


C1 Broker is a professional insurance brokerage with a highly prepared team with legally imposed professional qualifications, knowledge and skills.

Save Money

C1 Broker's mission is to find you the best house insurance products in Algarve and solutions at affordable prices, with multi-insurance offerings

Claims Management

We work for you in the event of a claim. We ensure that claims are handled correctly and advise you on how to defend yourself.

We defend your interests

An insurance broker is independent and always puts the Customer first, whereas a tied agent defends the interests of the Insurance Companies.

Assistance in your Language

C1 Broker's commitment is to provide assistance, follow-up, and professional advice to our clients. We speak several languages, so that we can offer you correct and responsible advice in your own language.

Choice of Multi Insurance Companies

We collaborate with several insurers, so we are always able to provide the insurance products and contracts best suited to your clients' needs. You always have the possibility to choose the best insurance company, independently, impartially.