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Claims Management Portugal | At C1 Broker we are always looking for the quickest and easiest way to help you process your car, home, commercial, community, civil liability, etc… claim.
You can do all the paperwork online or visit our offices.


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What type of claim would you like to report? You can report your car or traffic accident claim, household claim, water damage, theft, fire, etc… Choose the type of claim and fill in the form below:

Civil Liability Claim

Does anyone claim the civil liability of an accident caused by you?

Accidents with Car - Motorbike - Van

Have you had a traffic accident?

Household Claim

Have you had an accident at home or in the content or building of your home, community or business?

Useful Documents - C1 BROKER

DAAA - Friendly Car Accident Declaration

You can download the Friendly Car Accident Declaration document here. We recommend that you always keep a couple of printed copies in the glove compartment of your car or motorbike. If you wish, you can also come to our offices and we will give you a physical version of the document. If your mother tongue is not Portuguese or you live in an area with many foreign residents or tourists, we recommend you also print a copy in English and German to facilitate communication in the event of a claim. 

Claims FAQs

Find answers to all your questions

The D.A.A.A. – Amicable Statement of Automobile Accident – is the form used in the event of an automobile accident that has caused material damage and/or bodily injury. The document is designed to describe the occurrence and collect essential information from the insurers so that they can open a claim file. This form must be filled out at the site of the accident and must be signed by both parties involved. It can also be filled out electronically using the e-SEGURNET application, available for mobile phones, computers and tablets.

When a client has a claim this is the moment to demonstrate that we are here to help you. In your C1 Broker agency we have a claims department that will help to process your claim and defend your interests. To declare a new claim, please fill out our forms providing as much information as possible,

  • To declare a Car Claim: Click here

  • To declare a Property Claim (Home, Business, Community, Hotel): Click here

You can also send us by email relevant photos, police statements, estimates, invoices or any paper work which will help to document the claim or pre existing content or building damage.

Our Claims department will start to work on your claim immediately and will contact you with the claim number and send when necessary, an assistance company or Adjuster.

We have prepared a summary about the system of claim management in Spain between Companies, Agreements and waiting periods. We hope you find it useful and help to solve any doubts.

The purpose of your insurance policy is to help you and to compensate you financially in the event of a loss.

If a loss covered by this policy occurs, we recommend that you do the following:

• Use all means within your power to minimise its consequences.

• Read the “Object and scope of the Insurance” section of your policy carefully and make sure that the loss really is covered.

• Contact us  and give a detailed explanation of what caused the loss and what its consequences are.

• Send the claim report form to us as soon as possible giving as detailed an account as you can of any damage sustained.

• Make a statement to the judicial authorities or report the incident to the police, depending on the type of claim, stating the date and time when it occurred, the causes, circumstances, damaged objects and an estimate of the damage.

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