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House Insurance In Portugal

At C1 Broker you will find insurance solutions for your house insurance in Portugal with the best coverage and at unbeatable prices


As an insurance broker, C1 Broker’s mission is to find the best house multi-risk insurance solutions for your home in Portugal. Every year, we study hundreds of policies and compare products from the best insurance companies in Portugal, to find out exactly what is the right solution for you.

We are specialists in insuring British and other foreign residents in Portugal. Our house insurance product portfolio ranges from basic covers to the most comprehensive. 

Ask us for a free study of your policy! We are sure that we will find the right house insurance, with an unbeatable price, the best coverage and a top quality after-sales and claims management service.

Choose the Home Insurance with the appropriate guarantees for your type of house or the use you make of it

The Portuguese insurance market offers various options and products to protect your villa, condo or flat.

  • There is affordable home insurance with essential guarantees such as Civil Liability, Water Damage, Home Assistance, Legal Protection and Cleaning of Pipes and Gutters.
  • Medium insurance protection plans already include covers such as Electrical Risks, Pest Control, Private Civil Liability, Theft or Robbery, Online Doctor, Repair or replacement of Electrical Appliances.
  • But if your budget allows, you should opt for a multi-risk home insurance policy with a more comprehensive protection plan. These include all the covers mentioned above, and even more comprehensive guarantees (such as computer data recovery, gardens, jewelry) and higher capitals.
  • All insurance companies operating in Portugal offer different coverage plans, from the most basic to the most comprehensive, with different levels of covers, limits and general deductibles or deductibles for certain types of loss.

It is certainly not easy to navigate through such a diverse sea of offers and choose the right insurance for your house, villa or apartment in Portugal. At C1 Broker, we study hundreds of policies and multi-risk products to always offer you the best coverage. Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

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House and Contents Insurance in Portugal: Love your house? Insure it!

We can offer you complete and flexible solutions for your house and contents insurance in Portugal, whether it is your primary, secondary or holiday home. Depending on whether you want a offer with basic guarantees or a multi-risk home insurance policy with comprehensive cover, C1 Broker has the right insurance for you. We offer competitive prices, dedicated service and the quality of the best Insurance Companies operating in Portugal.

We compare, study and research for you. And help you out in case of a claim. You are in a win-win situation.

C1 Broker ®, Insurance Broker, we work with a selection of the best Insurance Companies in Portugal and Spain:

Special Insurance for Luxury Villas in Portugal & Fine Art Insurance in Portugal

Villa Insurance in Portugal - Core Architects - Luxury villa - Quinta do Lago - Vale do Lobo - Vilamoura

Luxury Villas Insurance in Portugal

Villas and Properties worth more than one million euros need specialised insurance. C1 Broker offers insurance for luxury villas in Portugal.

Luxury Villas Insurance in Portugal

Exclusive Villas with a reconstruction value of more than 750,000 euros or a house content value of more than 150,000 euros, need special home insurance with higher capitals and flexible covers that responds to the needs of a client with a premium patrimony and lifestyle.

Villas worth more than one million euros need special insurance solutions. C1 Broker offers insurance for luxury villas in Portugal, with:

Special covers with appropriate limits for valuable properties;

– Coverage of special value objects, jewels, paintings and works of art

– Cover for gardens, outdoor furniture, swimming pools, walls and fences

High Capitals of Third-Party Liability

– Possibility of setting high capital sums on building and contents

“All-risk” coverage

Insurance for Fine Art in Portugal

Insure your Art, Paintings and Private Collections

If you need insurance for your private collection of paintings and art in Portugal, C1 Broker is the ideal partner as a broker specialising in insurance products and needs for premium segment clients.

We provide insurance for art and antiques from private collections in Portugal.

We represent insurance products specialised in art from international insurance companies with guaranteed credibility and which respond quickly and easily in the event of a claim.

Certain pieces such as pianos, paintings or sculptures, among others, have an incalculable value making them difficult risks to insure in standard policies.

C1 Broker understands the complexity of insuring private art collections.

We offer 26 years of international experience dedicated to the insurance sector for high net worth private clients.

Our solutions for insuring works of art and private collections in Portugal include various configurable covers as well as comprehensive all-risks insurance solutions.

Artwork Insurance, Paintings Insurance, Antiques Insurance Algarve, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Cascais, Estoril, Lisboa, Sintra
Fine Art Insurance in Portugal is with C1 Broker

Insuring a House in Portugal: all you need to know in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about House and Content Insurance in Portugal

In general, a house and contents insurance is not mandatory  in Portugal. But..

  • If you have a mortgage with bank associated with your villa or flat then the house insurance becomes mandatory.
  • On the other hand, if you own or rent in a condominium or in a multi apartment building you will probably be obliged to take out a civil liability insurance to cover water damage caused to others by a broken private pipe and a fire insurance.

But let’s say you have a detached villa in Portugal… even though a house insurance it is not compulsory, any person with good sense should have one… Why?

  • To cover any unforeseen event that may arise in your beloved home, from the smallest incident such as a broken electrical appliance, to the most common claim such as water damage or wrecked awnings due to strong winds.
  • And most importantly, you need to be protected in the event of really important accident that may constitute a personal and financial catastrophe, such as house fire or a civil liability reclamation.

At C1 Broker, you will find house insurance solutions in Portugal  with the best covers at unbeatable prices.

We study and compare hundreds of home insurance policies in Portugal to be able to offer you the best coverage. Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

You can choose various cover options when taking out your home insurance policy in Portugal…from the basic civil liability guarantee to several other covers such as:

  • Water Damage
  • Home Assistance
  • Legal Protection
  • Pipe and Gutter Cleaning
  • Electrical Risks
  • Pest Control,
  • Private Civil Liability
  • Theft or Robbery
  • Online Medical assistance
  • Repair or replacement of Electrical Appliances
  • Travel Assistance
  • Legal Protection
  • Fire
  • Natural Phenomena
  • Seismic and Earthquake Phenomena
  • Collision of Vehicles
  • Landslides
  • Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Panels
  • Liability for dangerous animals (dangerous dogs insurance)
  • Third Party Liability for Rentals
  • Breakdown of machinery (swimming pool pumps, central heating pumps, central boilers, intelligent central air conditioning, etc.)
  • Vehicles in garage
  • Breakdown search
  • Aesthetic damage
  • Readaptation of the property due to an accident by the insured
  • Garden reconstitution
  • Refrigerated goods
  • Loss of rental income
  • etc.

Insurance companies organise their products with various types of cover in what is known as “multi-risk home insurance” with different cover plans, ranging from basic guarantees to the most comprehensive packages.

At C1 Broker we compare and study hundreds of home insurance policies in Portugal to offer you the best coverage. Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

There are several reasons why the price of your home insurance may increase. The premium for your house insurance in Portugal is not the same as that of your neighbours, because there are factors that determine the price that each one pays for the same service:

  • Not all houses are the same, have the same constructed areas, nor are they built with the same quality of construction.
  • The use you give to your villa also influences the premium, it is not the same to use it as your main residence in Portugal or to long-rent it or to rent it out for tourists & short term holidays.
  • Not all villas have the same security protection measures and therefore there are different levels of risk. The existence or not of an alarm connected to a central or to the police, security bars on the windows, reinforced door, double-glazing windows, 24-hour security, etc. will certainly reduce the value of your insurance premium.
  • The age of the house and how long ago the last plumbing and electrical installations refurbishments were carried out.
  • The capital sum insured. Since the higher is the capital you insure, the more the policy premium will increase proportionally
  • The geographical area where the villa is located – If statistically there is a lot of burglary or the house is in an area with seismic faults or a propensity to floods, these factors also affect the algorithm responsible for calculating how much you pay for your house insurance in Portugal.
  • Most insurers in Portugal update the value of home insurance, at the time of contract renewal.

C1 Broker, specialist in insuring expats and foreign residents in Portugal can help you find the best solution for your home insurance in Portugal. Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

Not sure how to choose the right insurance for your villa or apartment in Portugal? That’s normal, as there is a variety of offers with different prices and several basic and complementary covers. 

  • The best thing is to put yourself in the hands of a professional insurance broker who will help you make the right decision. Remember that insurance brokers are impartial, and their mission is to put the customer’s interests first. At least, that is our motto here at C1 Broker!
  • Make a detailed comparison of market offers – Here, C1 Broker can help you by studying and comparing hundreds of house insurance quotes from different insurance companies, to offer you a wide range of options at different price levels and coverage levels.
  • Find out what is covered and what is not – ask your broker to explain what is covered and what would happen in the event of an accident.
  • See how much you can afford to pay and what your real needs are – evaluate the offers to find a balance between the cover offered and the price you are willing to pay for the service.

Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

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Why you should trust your house insurance in Portugal to an Insurance Broker

C1 Broker works for you


C1 Broker is a professional insurance brokerage with a highly prepared team with legally imposed professional qualifications, knowledge and skills.

Save Money

C1 Broker's mission is to find you the best house insurance products in Portugal and solutions at affordable prices, with multi-insurance offerings

Claims Management

We work for you in the event of a claim. We ensure that claims are handled correctly and advise you on how to defend yourself.

We defend your interests

An insurance broker is independent and always puts the Customer first, whereas a tied agent defends the interests of the Insurance Companies.

Assistance in your Language

C1 Broker's commitment is to provide assistance, follow-up, and professional advice to our clients. We speak several languages, so that we can offer you correct and responsible advice in your own language.

Choice of Multi Insurance Companies

We collaborate with several insurers, so we are always able to provide the insurance products and contracts best suited to your clients' needs. You always have the possibility to choose the best insurance company, independently, impartially.