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Discover our range of insurance for private and business customers in Portugal

Insurance for Private Persons

C1 Broker has a wide range of products for individuals and families, from the most essential products such as home insurance, car insurance, health insurance or life insurance, to more specific insurance such as private and family civil liability insurance, cyber security insurance, travel insurance and even insurance for the family pet: your dog or cat.

C1 Broker also offers insurance for fine art collections, jewellery and valuable objects. Perhaps you need holiday rental insurance or condominium insurance. If you build a house, you will need building insurance. Take a look at our complete portfolio and rest assured that we will seek out the best deals on the market, with the most comprehensive coverage at the best prices.

Insurance for Companies

Our business insurance department offers specific solutions according to the size and activity of your company in Portugal. If you are a business owner you will need business liability insurance as well as insurance for your premises, shop or office. If you are a business you may need a specific insurance for your industry and product liability or perhaps cyber insurance to protect your online business from cyber attacks. We also offer business directors insurance, fleet insurance for company cars, hotel insurance and condominium insurance, among others.

Contact C1 Broker to discuss your needs or type of insurance you are looking for in Portugal. We study and compare hundreds of products from different insurance companies to find out exactly what is the right solution for you. We work with insurance companies of proven financial strength, both nationally and internationally, such as Zurich, Allianz, Liberty, Hiscox, Fidelidade, among others.

And our work does not end when the contract is signed. We pay special attention to the so-called moments of truth of your insurance, when you have a claim and need advice, changes to your policy over time to adapt the covers to your needs and at renewal time, if you wish, we compare it with other offers on the market, to ensure you are always insured at the best available price.

“C1” stands for customer first, because we always put your interests first. Don’t wait any longer, let C1 Broker, Insurance Broker start taking care of your insurance as of today.

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