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Don't be the next company to fall victim to a cyber-attack - Get the cover you need to keep your business safe online

Digitalization has brought many benefits, but also new dangers. One of them is the constant cyber-attacks. Cyber insurance helps protect your company’s data, websites and equipment against cyber-attacks.

If you’ve heard of cyber attacks, online hackers or cyberattacks, don’t think it only happens to others. Cyber attacks on businesses are already very common: statistics speak of 400 cyber attacks on businesses every day, with small and medium-sized businesses being the favourite targets of hackers.

Ask us for a proposal for your company’s cyber insurance. We are sure to find the right product, the best coverage and a top-quality after-sales and claims management service.

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber protection insurance includes a series of pre-incident services carried out by engineers and experts in prevention and risk analysis. The aim of cyber risk insurance is to protect your company against equipment theft, hacking, computer attacks, extortion, theft or data leakage.

Cyber insurance has various coverages, here are some examples:

  • A hacker breaks into your system, paralyses your files or destroys your software configuration.
  • When you suffer a cyber-attack and it damages your computer hardware or printers.
  • When you are the victim of the theft of your customers’ personal data.
  • When you are unable to access strategic data or information essential to your business, the insurance will take care of recovering that data so that you can continue working.
  • Website hacking – Nowadays it is essential to have a website for the presentation of your company, marketing and distribution of your products and services. Imagine that someone can access your website and freeze it, not allowing your customers to buy. The cyber risk insurance will act to restore the website, so that you can get back up and running as soon as possible.
  • Cyber liability – Cyber or cyber insurance also includes liability cover, for example, against third parties if you are the victim of data theft and your customers report you, or if a hacker creates fake accounts in the name of your company and publishes false information with the aim of damaging your reputation or provoking complaints from third parties.
  • Hacked online shop – If due to a cyber-attack of this type you have had to shut down your business (e.g. your online shop has been hacked and you are unable to sell or ship products) the insurance has cover for loss of profit due to business stoppage as a result of the cyber-attack.
  • Extortion – There are all kinds of situations that occur online, extortion, fraud and identity theft. Cyber protection insurance helps you in case of extortion, for example, if a hacker locks your company’s computers and asks for a ransom amount (so-called cyber extortion). There is a team of experts who will get to work to help you unlock your computers.
  • Site theft – Similarly, if your site is stolen (misconfigured, spoofed, etc.), they will help you recover it and publish it on your site. 
  • Pishing – Cybercrime is always reinventing itself, and phishing attacks sent by email are commonplace. If one of your employees falls for the scam and makes a bank transfer, insurance will cover that amount.
  • Impersonation – Another problem is identity theft or impersonation, if a hacker impersonates your company to carry out certain transactions, insurance will cover the cost of this illegal operation and the recovery of your company’s identity codes.

In addition to these coverages, depending on the type of cyber-risk insurance you choose and the insurance company, you have at your disposal several additional protection services: Cybersecurity assistance, Protection software, Back-up copies, Diagnosis and analysis of the vulnerability of the external and internal network, Legal advice on data protection, Analysis of the reputation of your company on social networks, and much more.

As this is a very specific insurance, we recommend that you take proper advice before deciding on one product or another. At C1 Broker, due to our digital focus, we have digital experts who can advise you correctly and help you choose the right cyber protection solution for your company. The cyber risk insurance is modular, that is, in addition to the basic cover, it has a series of optional guarantees that we must configure depending on your branch and the degree of digitalisation of your company. 

Contact C1 Broker and request a quote and advice on cyber protection insurance for your case.

It is certainly not easy to navigate in such a diverse sea of offers and choose the right cyber insurance for your company. At C1 Broker we study hundreds of policies and multi-risk products to always offer you the best coverage.


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