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General Conditions of Insurances in Portugal

Consult here the General Conditions of the products of the different insurance companies which C1 Broker works.

This does not dispense with consulting the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Seguro de Casa

Seguro de Saúde

Seguro de Carro

Seguro de Acidentes Pessoais

Seguro de Responsabilidade Civil

Seguro de Alojamento Local

Seguro Família & Legal

Seguro de Viagem

General Conditions FAQs

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The General Insurance Conditions are contractual documents that establish the rules and terms of the insurance contract, detailing the guarantees, obligations, and limitations of both the policyholder and the insurer in Portugal. 

Understanding the General Insurance Conditions is crucial to have a clear understanding of the guarantees provided by the policy, identify what is excluded or limited, and know the responsibilities of both parties, ensuring an informed decision when purchasing insurance in Portugal. 


The “fine printrefers to specific details and clauses in the General Insurance Conditions. It is essential for a thorough understanding of the insurance contract, ensuring transparency and avoiding surprises in the event of a claim, especially when dealing with insurance in Portugal. 

C1 Broker Insurance Brokerage values transparency and clarity in its relationship with clients. Providing clients with the General Insurance Conditions of the products they offer ensures a comprehensive understanding of coverage, terms, and conditions, fostering trust in selecting the right insurance in Portugal.