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C1 Broker recommends Cigna International Insurance. Cigna Global is a highly reputable worldwide insurance provider that caters to individuals and families living abroad in more than 200 countries worldwide. Their mission is to help and improve the health, well-being, and sense of security of the people they serve.

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Cigna Health Insurance in Portugal

C1 Broker, International Insurance broker, is a Cigna Health Insurance trusted partner in Portugal. If you are looking for a local representative of Cigna in Portugal or would like to know more about the health Insurance products of Cigna that can cover you or your family in Portugal, then C1 Broker is the right partner for you. Our team of health Insurance specialist will analyse your needs and recommend the most adequate health Insurance plan.

Maybe you are an expat, diplomat or simply a person that wants to relocate to Portugal, and once you start looking at your current domestic health insurance plan, you will realise that it may not offer you cover while living or working abroad.

Cigna International Insurance - Health Plans

Cigna Global

Cigna Global has an illustrious nearly 230-year history and has been providing global health insurance for decades. Today they have over 180 million customer relationships around the world.

Cigna Close Care

Cigna Close Care is a focused expat health insurance plan that covers subscribers in the country they are living in and the country of their nationality. 

Cigna Global Insurance Company

You may be familiar with Cigna’s insurance coverage in your home country. A plan in your home country typically will cover you in that country only. You can obtain coverage while living overseas through Cigna’s Global Medical Plan. You can purchase their global coverage either independently, to cover you worldwide, or as a supplement on top of your existing medical plan. Most people purchase the global plan as a standalone plan as it is comprehensive enough to replace your existing plan and will cover you anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Cigna Global?

Our customers choose Cigna because they provide all of the following:

Provider Network

Access to an extensive network of trusted hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals

Customize Your Plan

Flexibility to tailor a cost-effective plan to suit their individual needs

24/7 Member Support

Making sure their Customer Care Team is always available to speak with you day and night

Rated "A" by A.M. Best

Reassurance of their experience in delivering international healthcare

People first

With customer service teams across the globe, each with their own in-depth local market knowledge, Cigna can adapt quickly and provide support. From a global health crisis to personal health requirements, Cigna is there.

Whole health and affordability focus

Cigna provides a whole health service platform with a personalized, predictable, and straightforward customer experience that drives the affordability of medical plans.

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Cigna Close Care is a focused expat health insurance plan that covers subscribers in the country they are living in and the country of their nationality.