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Am I entitled to a replacement car? Car accident in Portugal

Am I entitled to a replacement car Car accident in Portugal - C1 Broker Portugal

In Portugal, the functioning of a replacement car in case of an accident is regulated by the Insurance Decree Law (DL 291/2007 21 AGOSTO Art. 37), which establishes the conditions and rights of policyholders in such situations. This legislation ensures that, in the event of an accident, the policyholder is entitled to a replacement vehicle to maintain their mobility during the repair of the damaged car.



“Courtesy car” and “replacement car” in Portugal


The main distinction to consider is between the “courtesy car” and the “replacement car”. The courtesy car is often provided by repair workshops for a short period, usually only during the vehicle’s maintenance. On the other hand, the replacement car, governed by the Insurance Decree Law (DL 291/2007 21 AGOSTO Art. 3), is supplied by the insurance company for the repair period specified in the contract.


In practice, this difference becomes evident when the policyholder needs a vehicle for a more extended period, not just in the days immediately following the accident. This right is particularly relevant in situations where the repair may take several weeks, ensuring the policyholder’s continued mobility.


To illustrate, consider a scenario where a driver has an accident, and their vehicle requires two weeks of repairs. If they have a replacement car, they can carry on with their normal life, commuting to work, taking children to school, and so on.



C1 Broker helps Expats and Foreign Residents in case of Claims in Portugal

In this context, C1 Broker stands out as an insurance broker in Portugal that advocates for the rights of its clients in case of an accident. By working closely with insurance companies, C1 Broker ensures that policyholders have access to a quality replacement car during the repair period of the damaged vehicle, providing a more peaceful and convenient experience during challenging times.

In summary, understanding the legal nuances outlined in the Insurance Decree Law and the differences between courtesy cars and replacement cars is crucial for drivers in Portugal. Opting for an insurance broker like C1 Broker may be the key to ensuring that, in case of an accident, policyholders’ rights are fully respected, offering them the necessary mobility and peace of mind during the repair process.



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Am I entitled to a replacement car Car accident in Portugal - C1 Broker Portugal

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