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Do you have a house helper? Important things about Insurance for housekeepers in Portugal

Do you have a house helper Important things about Insurance for housekeepers in Portugal - C1 Broker - Insurance broker

Taking care of your house helper is not only a legal obligation, but also a moral responsibility. In Portugal, the importance of having the proper insurance for your housekeeper cannot be overstated. At C1 Broker, we have the right solution for you. Our Domestic Assistance and Legal Protection services aim to respond to any situations that might arise.


  1. Accidents at work are more common than you think

  • Having accident insurance for your house helper is essential to protect her and your financial security. Some of the covers include:
  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital services
  • Death
  • Temporary Disability (Daily Indemnity)
  • Permanent Disability
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Legal protection


  1. If your domestic helper has an accident at work, who will look after your home?

It’s important to consider the implications of an accident on your home and daily life. Who will take care of the house? Make sure you’re prepared for such occurrences by choosing an insurance plan that offers domestic assistance.


  1. Legal issues can be complicated

Who will defend your interests before the law in case of an accident involving your house helper? Legal protection is an often overlooked, but important aspect to consider.


  1. Stay compliant with the law

In Portugal, a new law effective since March 2023 requires families to declare their housekeepers to Tax authorities. Failure to declare can result in severe penalties, including jail time.


  1. International expertise for expats and foreign residents

C1 Broker has over 30 years of experience insuring expats and foreign residents in Portugal. We work with 26 national and international insurance companies to offer you the best coverage.


  1. Flexible and tailored solutions

Choose from various coverage options that suit your budget and needs, ensuring you get the right policy for your housekeeper.


  1. Easy claims processing

In case of an accident, go through a swift and hassle-free claims process to ensure your housekeeper gets the care and support she needs.


  1. Online support

Get assistance from our online support team to help you navigate your policy and guide you through the process.


  1. Affordability

At C1 Broker, we work to find the best, most affordable insurance solutions without compromising on quality and coverage.


  1. Peace of mind

By choosing C1 Broker for your housekeeper’s insurance, rest assured that you are fulfilling legal obligations, while ensuring her well-being and protecting your financial security.

Investing in the right insurance is crucial for the safety and prosperity of both your housekeeper and your family. Contact C1 Broker today to find the most suitable insurance solution for your needs.


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Do you have a house helper Important things about Insurance for housekeepers in Portugal - C1 Broker - Insurance broker

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