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Learn about the registration process and compulsory licence for Dogs and Cats in Portugal

Conheça o processo de registo e licença obrigatória para Cães e Gatos - C1 Broker - Seguro Pet animais

Having a pet is more than just having a playmate. It means taking on a responsibility that goes far beyond fun times. It’s important to know that there are intrinsic duties that shouldn’t be ignored.  


If you’re an animal lover and are considering getting a furry friend in 2023, it’s essential to know how to go about the correct process for registering your pet in Portugal.  


Fortunately, C1 Broker is here to help you find the ideal insurance for your pet. With various levels of cover, including compulsory liability and veterinary insurance, we specialise in pet insurance and are ready to help you ensure that your furry companion is always protected. Remember, having a pet is not only a source of happiness, but also an important responsibility that should be taken seriously. 


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What is the process for registering dogs and cats in Portugal?  


For all dogs and cats, the process is as follows:  

  • Chip placement at the vet + animal “identification” (bulletin) 
  • Register with the nearest parish council 

1st payment: 6.25€  

Subsequent years: €5 


Registration of dangerous dogs in Portugal  


What if my dog is dangerous? What’s the process? Is it different?  


If you own a dog that is considered “potentially dangerous”, you can’t ignore the importance of knowing the current process for correctly registering your pet. By following the proper procedure in 2023, you not only avoid fines and penalties, but also guarantee the safety of your dog and the people around you. We understand how important your four-legged companion is to you, so we’re here to help you navigate all the necessary information: 


If your dog’s breed belongs to the list of dangerous breeds, the registration and enrolment procedure is slightly different: 


1st – Chip the vet + “identify” the animal (bulletin) 

2º – The owner will have to take out insurance for dangerous breeds (ask for a quote here)  

3º – The owner must enrol and pass the Course for Owners of Dangerous Dogs, which is run by the PSP – Public Security Police.   

4º – Register the animal with your local parish council. 

1st payment: 15€ + 1.25€ = 16.25€   

Subsequent years: €15 


Here at C1 Broker, we love animals as much as you do! That’s why we have two cute little dogs who keep us company in our office every day. And if you’re also passionate about your pets, you can count on us to help you choose the right insurance for them. We specialise in pet Insurance in Portugal and offer various levels of cover, including compulsory civil liability and veterinary insurance to suit all budgets.  


So if you want to protect your best friend, contact us today! 


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Conheça o processo de registo e licença obrigatória para Cães e Gatos - C1 Broker - Seguro Pet animais

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