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All you need to know about insurance for your residency in Portugal

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As an expat or foreign resident in Portugal, one of the important things you need to do is get insurance. While there are many different types of insurance, we’re going to focus on insurance for your residency in Portugal in this post. What type of insurance shall you get for your  visa?  And what does it cover? We’ll answer those questions and more below.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the requirements for getting residency in Portugal.

For the process of applying for residency in Portugal  (D6, D7) you need to present several documents, from which a health insurance.

List of documents for Residency in Portugal:

  • Two recent, identical photographs, in colour with blank background, and easily identifiable (only for appointments at Odivelas, Aveiro or Braga SEF bureau)
  • Passport or any other valid travel document
  • Valid residence visa
  • Evidence of sufficient means of subsistence, as per the provisions of Order number 1563/2007, of 11/12
  • Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation
  • Permission for SEF to check portuguese criminal record (except for under 16 years old)
  • A document attesting to the existence of a family relationship, where applicable
  • Supporting evidence of registration within Tax Authority
  • Document proving that the applicant is registered with the Social Security, where applicable
  • Health insurance or supporting evidence he/she is covered by the National Health Service

The official source is the website of SEF:

In English: https://imigrante.sef.pt/en/solicitar/residir/art77-1/

In Portuguese:  https://imigrante.sef.pt/solicitar/residir/art77-1/


What type of insurance do you need for the residency visa in Portugal?


You will need a health insurance and you have two options:

  • Option A: An easy way to comply with this requirement is by hiring a travel health insurance in your country  of origin with a minimum cover of  30.000€ during a 1 year.

You can hire this international travel insurance with any insurance provider of your trust in your home country.  The advantage?  This is the cheapest way of solving the Visa requirement.

The disadvantage?  If you were thinking of having a private medical cover in Portugal, this is not a long term solution and has not “real covers”. So if you want to attend a private doctor for a routine appointment you cannot use this insurance. This solution is only valid for your Visa application.


  • Option B: Another way to do comply, is to hire a health Insurance in Portugal. This insurance should be hired in Portugal, using your Portuguese fiscal number (n. de contribuinte) and should offer Health Cover in Portugal with access to clinics, hospitals (Inpatient) and Outpatient (consultations).

This type of insurance is recommended if you want to invest in your health and always have the possibility to access private hospitals, clinics and doctors. This is a long-term solution, as you normally stay with a health insurance for a long period of time.

We can help you here, if you want. To present you a quote we will need:

  • Date of birth:
  • Portuguese Fiscal Number:
  • Complete Name:
  • Address in Portugal:
  • Do you have any serious pre-existing medical conditions? (Ex: diabetes, cancer, etc)

In resume, for your residency in Portugal you can opt for the fast solution of the Travel Insurance (hire in your home of origin) or you can subscribe a Health Insurance in Portugal. You don’t need both.

Most people with a tight budget will opt for the International Travel Insurance. This is a popular way to solve the SEF requirement.

But if you have a more comfortable budget or you understand the importance of getting private medical care, makes sense to get a Health Insurance in Portugal, that you can use in the visa process, and also medical care benefits should something happen while living in Portugal!

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Health Insurance in Portugal C1 Broker

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