Cigna Health Insurance Plans in Portugal for Expats and Global Citizens

Cigna Health Insurance Plans in Portugal for Expats and Global Citizens

Cigna Health Insurance Plans in Portugal for Expats and Global Citizens

Are you in the market for the best health insurance plans in Portugal? As an expat or global citizen based in Portugal, it can often be difficult to know which plan is optimal for our particular situation. Thankfully, C1 Broker in partnership with Cigna Global Health Insurance provides bespoke solutions with a variety of cover options perfect for those living abroad ensuring worldwide peace of mind. Our team of specialists have created this comprehensive guide to help you through every step of the process and make sure that your needs are met when selecting a plan. Read on find out more about how to choose the best health insurance plan with Cigna’s leading range!



Introducing Cigna Health Insurance for Expats and Global Citizens in Portugal

Living as an expat or global citizen in a new country can be an exciting adventure. However, navigating the healthcare system in Portugal can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the language and culture. That’s where C1 Boker and Cigna Health Insurance come in – offering comprehensive coverage and support for expats and global citizens in Portugal. With Cigna, you won’t have to worry about unexpected medical expenses, language barriers, or cultural differences. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family, or a business, C1 Broker has customizable plans to fit your unique needs. So, put your mind at ease and focus on enjoying all that Portugal has to offer with C1 Broker and Cigna Health Insurance by your side.

C1 Broker, International Insurance broker, is a premium Cigna Health Insurance trusted partner in Portugal. If you are looking for a local representative of Cigna in Portugal or would like to know more about the health Insurance products of Cigna that can cover you or your family in Portugal, then C1 Broker is the right partner for you. Our team of Health Insurance Specialists will analyse your needs and recommend the most adequate health insurance plan.

Maybe you are an expat, diplomat or someone looking to relocate to Portugal, and once you start looking at your current domestic health insurance plan, you will realise that it may not offer you cover while living or working abroad.

C1 Broker International medical insurance options include plans that have been designed specifically to serve the needs of expatriates and their families, and can provide invaluable peace of mind for globally mobile citizens, specially if you are planning to relocate to Portugal. We offer local offices that can provide you personalised support in your new country, we speak both portuguese and english, to insure if there’s a problem, no important things will get lost in translation, and ultimately we offer you the trust of more 27 years in the business.

We are truly International Health Insurance Specialists and after analysing your case and needs, we will recommend you the right health Insurance plan for you. We work with more that 26 international and national Insurance companies, among them, Cigna Health Insurance.

If you are planning to relocate to Portugal we recommend Cigna Health Insurance plans, because Cigna it’s one of the most trusted international insurance companies of the world and we have years of excellent experience. We can recommend , according to your needs and budget, plans like: Cigna Close Care, Cigna Gold Health Insurance, Cigna Silver Health Insurance or Cigna Platinum Health Insurance, among others,

Cigna Global portfolio offers premier international health plans featuring comprehensive and customizable coverage tailored precisely to your needs. In Cigna Global, we find three distinct levels are available — Silver, Gold, and Platinum– each offering inpatient/day-patient care with additional elective modules for added protection. Plus you decide the geographic scope of coverage!


Benefits of Cigna Health Insurance in Portugal

Cigna Health Insurance in Portugal offers a range of benefits to keep you and your family healthy and protected. One of the primary benefits is that you have access to a vast network of medical professionals and facilities, ensuring that you receive the care you need, when you need it. Cigna also provides comprehensive coverage for preventive care and routine check-ups, giving you peace of mind that your health is being monitored regularly. With Cigna Health Insurance, you can be confident that you are receiving quality care in Portugal.

This premier provider has a long-standing presence in Europe and offers an array of plans with flexible design options and coverage choices. Plus, when you partner with trusted C1 Broker, you’ll enjoy local support and an all-around positive experience.


What the Plans Include

When it comes to planning, knowing what’s included is essential to making informed decisions. This is especially true when it comes to things like insurance policies, event schedules, and travel itineraries. Key details like coverage limits, start and end times, and a breakdown of activities or destinations can all help you assess whether a particular plan is right for you. In general, the more information that is provided up front, the easier it will be to evaluate whether or not you should move forward with a given plan. So if you’re working on planning something, make sure to ask questions and gather as much information as possible to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your needs.

Cigna Global is as insurance provider with a solid reputation, catering to people in over 200 countries worldwide. Their mission is simple – to improve the health, well-being, and sense of security of their clients. Say goodbye to worrying about healthcare abroad and hello to peace of mind with Cigna Global featured by C1 Broker.

Every Cigna plan includes comprehensive healthcare service, offering round-the-clock access to multi-lingual service centers, backed by a vast global network of 1.65 million hospitals and healthcare professionals. With coverage in over 200 countries and territories, you can be assured of prompt and reliable medical support wherever you go.

Cigna is proud to offer premier international health plans featuring comprehensive and customizable coverage tailored precisely to your needs. Three distinct levels are available — Silver, Gold, and Platinum— each offering inpatient/day-patient care with additional elective modules for added protection. Plus you decide the geographic scope of coverage!

There’s also the plan Cigna Close Care that offers cover in your home country and your new country of residence. For instance, if you are a canadian national you can choose cover in Canada and Portugal.


Comparing Plans and Selecting the Best One for You

When it comes to selecting the best plan for you, there are a lot of factors to consider. It can be overwhelming to compare different options and try to determine which one is the right fit:  Close Care? Silver? Gold ? Platinum? Only Core benefits? Dental and Vision?

Some of the things you might need to think about include the cost of the plan, the coverage it offers, and the flexibility it provides. Additionally, you’ll want to consider whether you need any special features or benefits, like prescription drug coverage or mental health services. Ultimately, the “best” plan for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. It’s important to take the time to carefully evaluate your options and make an informed decision that will meet your needs over the long term. And at C1 Broker, we are here on your side to guide you all the way: from choosing the right policy, to when it comes the moment to make a claim, to guide you trough the process.


Key Considerations When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan in Portugal

When choosing a health insurance plan in Portugal, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to assess your individual healthcare needs and budget to determine what type of plan would work best for you. Next, it’s important to research the network of healthcare providers included in the plan and ensure that the doctors and hospitals you prefer are included. Additionally, you should look into the plan’s benefits and coverage, including whether it covers preventative care and prescription medication. Finally, consider the plan’s customer service and reputation, as well as any potential limitations or exclusions. Taking the time to carefully review and compare different plans will help ensure that you choose the right health insurance coverage for your needs.

But don’t worry, you are not alone. C1 Broker, is a truly international health insurance specialist that will help you and guide you to find the best health insurance plan in Portugal. We work side by side with Cigna so you can have an excellent experience.


How to Get Started with Cigna Health Insurance in Portugal

Cigna Health Insurance is a trusted provider that offers comprehensive medical coverage for people residing in Portugal. If you’re new to the country, getting started with their services might seem daunting. But don’t worry; with C1 Broker, your Cigna representative in Portugal, the process is straightforward and hassle-free. The first step is to assess your needs and select a plan that fits your requirements. With Cigna, you’ll have access to an extensive network of healthcare providers, ensuring you’ll receive the best medical care available. Once we have studied your needs and selected a plan, and health insurance service team will guide you through the rest of the process. Signing up for Cigna Health Insurance with C1 Broker will ensure that you and your family are protected, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands.


Moving to Portugal is exciting, and being responsible for your health insurance can be overwhelming. Cigna’s comprehensive health plans for global expats in Portugal cater to a range of budgets and needs. When choosing the best plan for you, review the coverage details carefully to make sure that it meets your personal health care needs. Our team of dedicated health insurance specialists are here to help guide you along the way – contact us today to get started with finding the perfect match for a Cigna Health Insurance plan in Portugal. We look forward to helping you secure affordable, high-quality healthcare coverage so you can enjoy all that Portugal has to offer without any worries!


C1 Broker is a International Health Insurance Broker, specialized in global travel and international health insurance, providing a resource for expats, nomads, and travellers to research, compare and purchase international medical insurance plans for their international adventure. Specially if you are moving to Spain or Portugal, C1 Broker can offer  not only the best advice and services online, but also personalised service in our local offices.

To contact us, please fill in the following form or just write us an email at or call us:  00351 289 392 452


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Cigna Health Insurance Plans in Portugal for Expats and Global Citizens

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