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Did you know that in Portugal there is a faster way to settle a water damage claim? Discover the DADA – Friendly Declaration of Water Damage

O que é a DADA - Declaração Amigável de Danos Por Água - C1 Broker Portugal

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When it comes to protecting your home, it is essential to be prepared for any unforeseen event. Among the many challenges that can arise, water damage is one of the main concerns for any homeowner or tenant. This is where the Friendly Declaration of Water Damage, better known as DADA, comes into play.


What is a DADA?


The DADA, or Friendly Declaration of Water Damage, is an essential document in situations of water-related claims inside homes. This document is used when damage occurs to homes due to leaks, floods or other similar incidents.

Its main function is to facilitate and speed up the claims communication process between the parties involved, namely the insured person and the insurer. By filling in this declaration correctly and in detail, both parties are able to accurately record the damage that has occurred and the circumstances of the claim.



How do I fill in the DADA?


The Friendly Declaration of Water Damage is a simple document that is easy to fill in. It is usually made up of several sections requesting specific information about the claim. This information includes details such as the date and time of the incident, the cause of the damage, a description of the damage suffered and other relevant information.

It is essential to fill in the DADA as accurately and clearly as possible, including all relevant details about the incident. The more complete the information provided, the easier it will be for the insurer to assess and process the claim efficiently.

The insured parties involved must download and complete the DADA, available on our website, sign it together and send it to their insurers within 8 days. The DADA can be filled in manually or digitally.



What are the conditions for applying the protocol?


The insurers of the victim and the injured party are members of the Protocol;
The person causing the damage holds a building and/or contents insurance policy, valid at the time of the accident, which guarantees their civil liability for water damage;
The injured party has an insurance policy for the damaged fraction, valid at the time of the incident, which guarantees water damage;
There is only one injured third party;
The claim originates in one unit and only affects another unit and/or the common parts of the building (in the second case, if these are guaranteed by a condominium insurance policy taken out by the respective Administration).


Why is DADA important?


The DADA plays a crucial role in the process of managing water-related claims. By filling in this document properly, policyholders ensure that information about the claim is recorded accurately and in detail. This facilitates the assessment process by the insurer, thus speeding up the process of settling the claim.

Furthermore, by using the DADA, the parties involved demonstrate transparency and co-operation, which can contribute to a faster and more efficient settlement of the claim. Ultimately, the use of the Friendly Declaration of Water Damage can help minimise the disruption caused by damage to dwellings and ensure a quick and effective response from the insurer.



What damage is excluded?

This protocol does not apply to claims originating in the common parts of the building or if the policies of the injured party and the party causing the damage are from the same insurer.


Insurers participating in DADA


Aegon Santander, Açoreana, Ageas, Allianz, CA Seguros, Caravela, Fidelidade, Generali, GNB Seguros, Groupama, Liberty, Lusitania, Ocidental, Tranquilidade, Via Directa, Victoria, Zurich and Mapfre.


DADA – Declaração Amigável de Danos Por Água (Friendly Declaration of Water Damage) is an essential tool for dealing with water-related claims inside homes. By filling in this document correctly and in detail, policyholders can facilitate the communication process with the insurer and speed up the settlement of the claim. It is therefore important to be familiar with this document and to know how to use it if necessary.


Download the DADA document here.

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O que é a DADA - Declaração Amigável de Danos Por Água - C1 Broker Portugal

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