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The Legal Implications of Extended Parking: Here is what you need to know

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Prolonged Stationing of Your Vehicle May Lead to Significant Penalties and Removal


Leaving your car parked in one spot for an extended period might seem harmless, but it can have serious legal ramifications. CRS Advogados, through Contesta Multas, provides insight into what the law stipulates.


According to Article 163(1)(a) of the Highway Code (CE), it is deemed improper or abusive to park a vehicle “for 30 uninterrupted days in a place on the public highway or in a parking lot or parking area exempt from payment of any fee.” This means that if your car stays parked in the same location for more than 30 days, you’re violating this rule.


But what if you move your car to another space within the same parking area? Paragraph 2 of the same article clarifies that the 30-day period remains unbroken. Hence, simply shifting your car within the same zone does not reset the 30-day clock. Once this period passes, authorities have the right to block or even remove the vehicle.


If your vehicle is deemed to be parked abusively, the repercussions can be severe. According to Ordinance no. 1424/2001, dated December 13, the cost to unblock a vehicle varies: it’s 60 euros for light vehicles, 120 euros for heavy vehicles, and 30 euros for mopeds, motorcycles, and other unspecified vehicles.


In the event that your vehicle is removed by authorities, you’ll be notified to retrieve it within 45 days from the date of notification. This notice will detail the vehicle’s new location, and you will be liable for all associated removal costs, along with any potential legal penalties.


Failure to collect the vehicle within 45 days will result in the car being classified as abandoned and subsequently claimed by the state or local authorities, in line with Article 165(4) of the EC. Municipal councils are tasked with issuing fines for prohibited, undue, or abusive parking. Therefore, any defenses, appeals, or challenges must be directed to the local authorities.


We emphasize the importance of being aware of these regulations to avoid legal issues and unnecessary expenses. So, before you decide to leave your car parked for an extended time, consider the potential consequences and plan accordingly to prevent any complications.

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Towed Car_C1Broker_InsuranceinPortugal_Carlaws_CarIsurance_Parking

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