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Introducing Portugal’s New Citizen Card: Enhanced Features and Security

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Introducing Portugal’s New Citizen Card: Enhanced Features and Security


Portugal’s latest Citizen Card boasts upgraded functionalities, improved design, and cutting-edge security measures to better serve its citizens.


Portugal has introduced a new version of the Citizen Card, marking a significant upgrade in personal identification for its citizens. Officially launched on June 10th, the new card comes with improved functionalities, a refined appearance, and ambitious goals for enhancing security and convenience.


Design and Features of the New Citizen Card

The revamped Citizen Card features a larger photograph for easier identification and eliminates the need for card readers. This allows for new uses, such as functioning as a transportation pass. The card, now available to the public, aims to streamline border control processes and ensure secure, tamper-proof travel documentation.


How the New Citizen Card Works

A key innovation in the new card is a second chip with contactless technology, enhancing both physical and electronic security. This allows the card to be used across various public and private services without a card reader. The Ministry of Justice highlights this feature as a significant improvement in accessing services efficiently and securely.


Applications of the New Citizen Card

The new card can be used nationwide as a transportation pass and linked to electronic tickets for events. It also serves as a reliable authentication method for both digital and in-person services, offering versatility in everyday transactions and interactions.


Security Enhancements

While the new Citizen Card is a physical document, about 50% of its features are digital, incorporating over 30 security elements. Made from innovative materials, it remains one of the most secure identity documents worldwide, ensuring robust protection against fraud.


Key Features

The updated card includes a larger photograph for better identification and relocates the chip to the back. These changes improve usability and enhance the card’s overall security.


Costs and Renewal

The costs associated with the new Citizen Card remain unchanged. The automatic renewal process, introduced in May 2021, is still available for those not needing to update personal information, reducing the need for visits to the Institute of Registries and Notary services. The automatic renewal fee is 16.20 euros, and the first card for children up to one year old is free.

Portugal’s new Citizen Card represents a significant step forward in personal identification, combining advanced security features with practical uses to make everyday life more secure and convenient for its citizens.


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