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One of the most frequent questions we receive from clients buying or selling a car in Portugal is: “How can I transfer ownership of a vehicle in Portugal? C1 Broker explains in this post all the documents and steps you need to follow to make the change of car registration in Portugal.


If you are buying or selling a used car or any other vehicle with a registration number (motorbike, quad, tractor, golf cart, etc) you should be aware that the process of change of ownership, or change of ownership must be done within 60 days after the sale.
This process of ownership transfer can be done either by the buyer or seller, or by both.


Documents you should gather to change the ownership of a car in Portugal


1. Identification document
In order to identify both the buyer and the seller of the vehicle, both have to be accompanied by the Citizen Card with updated address or the Identity Card and Fiscal Card.

2. Single Automobile Document/Matriculation Certificate
Next you will have to deliver the Single Automobile Document (DUA). The DUA is like a car identification document, being unique to each vehicle. When buying a car, this document will be given to you by the vendor. In addition to information about the vehicle, it contains the owner’s name and address, which will need to be updated with the issue of a new certificate.

3. Vehicle Registration Application Form
The vehicle registration application form must be completed in the field for buyer and seller. In the case of a company, the signature should be the signature of the managing partner with powers for the act and notarized.
– car ownership transfer;
– Change the car ownership registration in Portugal;


Where to do this procedure
Through the Automobile Online platform of the IRN (https://www.automovelonline.mj.pt/AutoOnlineProd/) For this you will need the digital certificate of the Citizen Card or the qualified digital certificate (if you are a lawyer, solicitor or notary). You will need to have a card reader.
You can also request in person in a car registration or in a Citizen’s shop.
Requests for vehicle registration, certificates and copies with information value, as well as impugnation of decisions, can be made by mail, sending the request to any Vehicle Registrar.

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Official information: https://justica.gov.pt/Servicos/Registar-automovel#Ondepedir

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