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Important things you should know when choosing a Pet Insurance in Portugal!

Important things you should know when choosing a Pet Insurance in Portugal!

Do you live in Portugal and are you looking for pet insurance? Then this post is for you. There are several types of insurance for your dog, cat or horse with different levels of protection. So when making a decision, make sure to choose a pet insurance  that focuses on prevention and health and also monitoring during the different stages of the animal’s life. We also prepared a video where we talk about important things you should know when looking for the right pet insurance.


At C1 Broker we are happy to give you a quote for your pet insurance in Portugal! We are confident that we will find the right product with the best price, great covers and first-class customer service.



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How do you choose the right health insurance for your pet  in Portugal? Let’s talk a bit about this.


Pet insurance or animal veterinarian insurance is an insurance designed to protect the health of your  pet (your  dog or cat). The insurance covers veterinary costs and liability for damage that may be caused by the pet to others. It usually includes the veterinary expenses for the protection, prevention and health of your pet, as well as a savings system for various expenses such as food, dog training or purchases from  affiliated  partners and shops that belong to the insurance network.

Pet insurance is Spain and Portugal are very similar, cover a part of the basics, can also guarantee the following benefits: Liability, Consultations, Surgeries, Hospitalization, Neutering, Preventive medicine (check-up exams, x-rays), Vaccinations, online veterinarian, pet assistance, funeral arrangement and legal protection for you. Now, not all insurance policies include all these covers, you need to check what is offered and compare the different package prices…


Different Types of Pet Insurances in Portugal

So basically there are two types of pet insurances:

  • Pet Insurances with free choice of veterinarians and that work with a reimbursement sistem with specific annual limits.
  • Pet Insurances without free choice and you can only go to the  network of veterinarians of the insurance company, also with some specific annual limits. this type are normally more economical but the choice of doctors is limited.  

I always prefer to have free choice of veterinarians with the reimbursement system, but that’s up to you.


Also, be aware that there’s something called “Pet care”, that is essentially an accident insurance for your pet. This is not a real insurance is just a plan, that covers in case of an accident but not if your pet develops an illness. Now I would not recommend this type of accident plans, because statistically you will use your pet insurance more frequently to pay for veterinarian consultations to treat or prevent illnesses rather than to treat an accident.


At C1 Broker, as an expat foreign resident  insurance broker, we research and compare different pet insurance policies available in Portugal and Spain to help you choose the right one for you. we work with all the main players, like Fidelidade Pet or Liberty, Mapfre, etc.

You don’t pay more if you hire your pet policy through us, but you get more, because you get assistance in your language to explain how the policy works, and to help in case of a claim. We are familiar with the different types of cover available, their advantages and disadvantages, limitations and benefits so we can give you neutral and professional advice.


Also take in consideration that pet insurances may have copayments, deductibles, waiting periods, annual limits and sub limits for outpatient and inpatient, and some policies may even have limitation of age for contracting and some even have age limit of permanence. Take all this in consideration when comparing and choosing a pet insurance or just put yourself in the hands of professionals, like C1 Broker, we will certainly help you find the right product. We are specialists in insuring Expats and foreign residents in Spain and Portugal since 1996.

If you have any questions you can write to us, send us an email, or why not come and visit us at our offices. My team and I will be happy to meet you personally. To get a quote please fill the following form:



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Important things you should know when choosing a Pet Insurance in Portugal!

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