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Understanding the procedure in cases of claims and pre-existing defects

Entendendo o Procedimento em Caso de Sinistro e a Depreciação de Peças Pré-existentes - C1 Broker - Sinistros

In the world of motor vehicle insurance, transparency in procedures is crucial for establishing a relationship of trust between the insurer and the insured person. Today, we are going to address a specific aspect of this process: dealing with claims in which the damage affects areas that have already been affected.


The Claims Scenario and Damage Assessment

Imagine the following scenario: your vehicle has suffered an accident, resulting in damages to an area that has already been affected. This situation raises important questions about how insurers deal with such cases.


Practical Example 1: Bumper damage

Let us suppose your vehicle’s bumper has already been damaged on the right-hand side. Later, another accident affects the left side. When the expert visits the bodyshop for the purpose of assessment, the insurer will depreciate the part, making the payment and therefore only taking into account the value corresponding to the new claim. This ensures a fair approach, taking into account the pre-existing condition of the part.


Practical Example 2: Roof with Previous Damage

Another relevant example is the case of a ceiling that already has an area of damage (for example from continuous exposure to the sun). If, in a subsequent event, such as a hailstorm, there is further damage to the same roof, the Insurer will only consider the value corresponding to the damage caused by the storm, disregarding the part of the roof that was previously damaged.

The Importance of Mutual Understanding

It is crucial that policyholders understand this procedure in order to avoid mistaken expectations at the time of reimbursement. The Insurer endeavours to be transparent and fair in its practices, aiming for a relationship of lasting trust.





In situations of claims, the depreciation of pre-existing parts is a practice adopted to ensure an equitable approach. Mutual understanding between the insurer and the insured person plays a key role in this process, fostering a solid and transparent relationship.

We hope that this article helps to clarify the procedure in specific cases of claims. If you have any further questions, we are happy to provide you with the necessary information.


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Entendendo o Procedimento em Caso de Sinistro e a Depreciação de Peças Pré-existentes - C1 Broker - Sinistros

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