Workers Compensation Insurance in Portugal – All you need to know


Workers Compensation Insurance in Portugal is a type of insurance that provides coverage for employees in the event that they are injured or become ill as a result of their job. This insurance is mandatory in Portugal, so companies must ensure that their workers are covered by it. There are fines for companies that do not have Workers Compensation Insurance, and employees can sue their employers if they are injured and do not have coverage.

At C1 Broker, we are experts in advising international companies on insurance in Portugal. We can help you quote your Workers Compensation Insurance, so contact us today for more information. In this post we tell you all you need to know about this important insurance for businesses like yours.


Workers Compensation Insurance in Portugal


If you have a company in Portugal with employees, “workers compensation insurance” also known as “occupational accident insurance” is an important thing you need to know about. In Portuguese, this insurance is called “acidentes de trabalho”. If one of your employees is injured while on the job, this type of insurance will help to cover their medical expenses and lost wages.

This type of insurance are a big concern in Portugal and has a lot of tradition, which is why the government has made it mandatory for companies to have insurance that covers the health of their employees in case of an accident at work. “Acidentes de Trabalho” is a type of insurance that covers the costs of medical treatment and other expenses related to an accident at work. This insurance is vital for protecting employees and to ensure that companies are held accountable for maintaining a safe workplace.



Workers Compensation Insurance: Historical Insurance in Portugal

In Portugal, workers compensation insurance has a long history. The first workers compensation insurance was instituted in 1913. The legislation that accompanied the implementation of the insurance was met with great enthusiasm.

Nowadays this insurance provides benefits to workers who are injured or become ill as a result of their work, covering medical expenses and lost wages. Also provides benefits to workers who are permanently disabled as a result of their injuries and cover death benefits to the families of workers who die as a result of their work. This insurance is an important part of the social safety net in Portugal. It protects workers and their families from financial hardship in the event of an injury or illness.

Workers accidents can occur due to a variety of factors, such as slips and falls, exposure to hazardous materials, or even car accidents while on the job or driving to the job. No matter the cause, “Acidentes de Trabalho” insurance can help to mitigate the financial impact of an accident and provide peace of mind for both employees and employers.



Fix or Flexible Workers Insurance?

As an employer in Portugal, you are responsible for ensuring your workers have the proper insurance coverage. There are two types of workers insurance available: fix workers insurance and flexible workers insurance. Flexible workers insurance is ideal for companies with a high number fluctuation of employees due to seasonal business (For instance: hotels, supermarkets, cleaning companies, etc… that need to hire more personal during Summer season). Fix workers insurance is the recommended option for companies who have a more stable number of staff during the year.



Information needed to calculate a Workers Insurance for your Company in Portugal

As an insurance broker we will need some more information from your company in order to provide you with an accurate quote for your workers insurance in Portugal. You should also have insurance in place if you are going to hire your first employee or make an addition to your staff. This will help you avoid any fines if something happens.

  • Company’s name
  • Company’s Tax Number
  • Company’s CAEs Number / your activity
  • Start date of the insurance
  • Indication of names (yes or no)
  • Chosen Wage mode (Modalidade de salários escolhida: Lei 98/2009)
  • Are you intending to send workers being abroad for longer than 15 days? (Yes or No)
  • Number of workers
  • Full name(s)
  • Profession(s)
  • Relationship with the company (e.g. partner, manager, family member, just employees)
  • Date of employee admission
  • Is the employee a full-time or part-time worker?

Type of Remuneration:

    • Monthly Wage ( Salário Mensal ): 0.000,00 Euros
    • Accommodation/Monthly Food (Alojamento /Alimentação -Mensal) 0.000,00 Euros
    • Number of Benefits (Nº Prestações:) : (11 or 12?)
    • Other Remuneration: 0.000,00 Euros
    • Nr. Benefits (Nº Prestações:) : (11, 12, 13, 14?)


Workers insurance is a state-mandated insurance that is heavily regulated. This means that there is very little difference in the coverage that is offered by different insurance companies. The covers are fairly similar, and the prices are only slightly different. Make sure you choose an broker that will answer all of your questions and give you the best advice for your company. At our insurance broker, C1 Broker, we have over 26 years of experience and are fluent in both English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. We’re here to provide the level of service and expertise that your company deserves.


If you’re interested in getting a personalised quote for your Workers insurance, let’s book a call and go through all the details. We’ll be able to give you a more accurate quote after we discuss the specific situation and needs of your company. Once we have all the information, we can proceed with creating a personalised quote for your company.

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