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It is no longer compulsory to use the car insurance label on the window of your vehicle

Deixou de ser obrigatório utilizar o dístico automóvel do seguro no vidro do seu veículo. - C1 Broker - Seguro Automóvel - Distico Automovel

In the past, motorists were required to display the insurance label on the windscreen of their vehicle as proof that they had valid motor insurance. However, recently there have been changes to this legal requirement. In this article, we will explore the evolution of this requirement and explain why the car insurance label is no longer necessary to use.


What is the motor insurance certificate?


The insurance car sticker is a label that drivers used to stick on the windscreen of their vehicles to prove that they had valid motor insurance. This label usually contained information such as the name of the insurance company, the start and end date of the policy and the policy number.



Recent changes to the motor insurance label:


In many countries, including Portugal, there has been a change in legislation regarding the use of the insurance car label. Previously, it was mandatory to display the badge as proof of valid insurance, but this requirement has been revised and it is now no longer necessary to use it.



Reasons for the change on the motor insurance label:


There are a few reasons behind the decision to do away with the compulsory insurance car sticker. Technological developments play a key role in this change. Today, most insurers issue insurance policies electronically, and drivers can easily prove their coverage through digital documents or even through insurer apps.


In addition, the elimination of the sticker simplifies the process for drivers. There will be no need to stick and replace the sticker on the windscreen every time there is a policy renewal. This reduces the bureaucracy and costs associated with this practice.




Electronic proof of insurance:


With the change in legislation, electronic proof of insurance has become mandatory. Drivers can now present digital documents, such as PDF files or images of the insurance contract, in the event of a traffic inspection. Many insurers also provide smartphone apps that allow drivers to have policy coverage details available at any time.


The removal of the compulsory car insurance label is a positive change that keeps pace with technological advances. Drivers now have an easier time proving their insurance cover through electronic means, reducing the paperwork and costs associated with using the badge. It is important to be up-to-date on your country’s legislation regarding motor insurance and be prepared to present the necessary documentation in case of enforcement.


Law: https://files.diariodarepublica.pt/1s/2023/07/13200/0000200003.pdf

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Deixou de ser obrigatório utilizar o dístico automóvel do seguro no vidro do seu veículo. - C1 Broker - Seguro Automóvel - Distico Automovel

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