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Unveiling CIMPAS: Guaranteeing Justice in Insurance Contracts in Portugal

Desvendando o CIMPAS Garantindo Justiça em Contratos de Seguros em Portugal - C1 Broker

Within C1 Broker, transparency and the defence of your interests are the foundations of our commitment. We understand that sometimes the processes between policyholders and insurers can be challenging, which is why we would like to introduce you to a valuable tool: the Insurance Information, Mediation and Arbitration Centre, or simply CIMPAS.


What is CIMPAS?

CIMPAS is an entity supported and authorised by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, being responsible for the specific mission of mediating and arbitrating disputes arising from insurance contracts. In a sector in which clarity and conflict settlement are crucial, CIMPAS stands out as an essential ally for policyholders.


How does it work?

Should challenges in communication between policyholders and insurers arise, CIMPAS steps in to promote alternative dispute resolutions. This body acts quickly and effectively, ensuring that both parties reach a fair agreement.

Fast and Effective Response
CIMPAS uses speedy procedures to ensure that disputes arising from insurance contracts are settled efficiently. Its intervention is particularly valuable when negotiations between the insured, the insurance intermediary or broker and the insurer fail to reach an agreement.


How much does a case at CIMPAS cost?

If the parties choose to take the case to arbitration, they will pay a small fee amounting to 3 per cent of the value of the case, the minimum value being 70 euros (€) and the maximum one 700 euros (€).

However, if an agreement is reached at the Mediation Conference (held prior to arbitration), each party will be refunded 25% of the amount paid.

And if one of the parties wins the dispute, will the costs paid be refunded?

No, they won´t. The payment of procedural costs corresponds to the payment for the service provided by the Centre, regardless of the final outcome.


Support from the Ministry of Justice

The backing of the Ministry of Justice grants CIMPAS legal authority to act. This organisation is a key player in promoting fairness and justice in the insurance sector, providing policyholders with an alternative and impartial means of settlement.


How can C1 Broker help?

At C1 Broker, we are always available to inform you about your insurance rights. Should you face any challenges in communicating with the insurer, we are here to guide you through the process and, if necessary, collaborate with CIMPAS to reach the best solution for your case.


How can I start a complaint with CIMPAS?

Since it is not always possible to reach an agreement with the insurer, intermediary or insurance broker, CIMPAS promotes the settlement of disputes arising from any insurance contract through swift and effective procedures.

A complaint can be filed against an insurer, intermediary or insurance broker in relation to a dispute arising from the formation, execution or cancellation of an insurance contract, regardless of the branch, such as, but not limited to: Motor Vehicle Insurance, Multi-risk Insurance, Civil Liability Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance.


But beware, you cannot directly complain to the Centre’s Mediation and Arbitration Service. The complaint must first be filed with the Insurer, Mediator or Insurance Broker.

Link to submit a complaint: https://www.cimpas.pt/pt/como-apresentar-uma-reclamacao-2


CIMPAS contacts

Address : Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, nº11, 9 Esq 1050-115 Lisboa

Telephone : (+351) 213 827 700

Email : geral@cimpas.pt

Webpage: https://www.cimpas.pt/pt


CIMPAS is more than a mediation and arbitration body; it is an ally when defending your rights as an insured person. At C1 Broker, we believe in transparency and in constantly seeking the best solution for our customers. If you have any questions or need more information about how CIMPAS can benefit your specific case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you, to ensure that your interests and rights are always protected.

Trust C1 Broker, where your protection is our priority.



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Desvendando o CIMPAS Garantindo Justiça em Contratos de Seguros em Portugal - C1 Broker

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